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Ver La fuerza del destino capítulo 9: Nueva amistad

Gerardo, Charlotte, Lucretia and Lucia (Renata Notni) expect to give birth Maripaz, Gerardo Lucrecia asks him to reconsider giving the baby up for adoption. The surgeon comes out and says he was born a very healthy baby.

Ivan looks like two gang assault Anthony (Pedro Armendariz Jr.), he immediately runs to his defense. Ivan drives away the attackers who were attacking Anthony and offers to call 911, but asks Anthony to help him get home. Anthony asked Mary to call Dr. Steven and regrets that come your dog, Ivan offers to go for it. Anthony Thank you Ivan for retirement and to find his dog, tells her that her mother was from Villahermosa, Ivan says he comes from there. He tells some things about his life and asks Anthony what would seem if it gets to be an engineer, I quoted the next day.

Ver La fuerza del destino capítulo 9: Nueva amistad

Gerardo Lucia arrives at the hospital and tells him that Maripaz would not even see his son. Charlotte tries to convince Maripaz of nursing her son, but refuses Maripaz.
Ivan goes to see Anthony, afraid to know the price of aid it provides. Anthony tells his story, as he lost his wife and son, Ivan tells why it is in America. Anthony agrees to help, but if you cheat, you run to kick. Ivan says he's never let you down.

The Curiel reach the chalet, Lucrezia demands that the baby sleep in the maid's room, so they do not become attached to him. Carlota is to care. The baby cries, Carlota will prepare a bottle, but when he returns, he discovers that the baby disappeared. Who would be born?

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